Avdiev specialises in remuneration consulting services and human resources research for the property, investment, construction industries and all built environment related professions.

Avdiev Remuneration Report 2018 32nd Edition

The Avdiev Property Industry Remuneration Report 2018, 32nd Edition has just been published.

It is the product of a formal Australia wide survey of property, investment, construction employers and built environment related consulting companies. It gives vital information on current remuneration levels and trends in ten property industry market sectors.  

The Avdiev Report is comprehensively reviewed and updated annually, it responds to subscriber requests for new sectors and positions to reflect changes in a dynamic industry.

For further information or to order a copy of the Avdiev Remuneration Report 2018, click here.

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About Avdiev

Avdiev provides remuneration benchmarking services to the property, investment and construction industry and built environment related professional consultants.  We cover 10 market sectors throughout Australia. 

The Avdiev Report is the result of a formal survey process among industry employers conducted bi-annually.

A long established and wholly owned boutique Australian management consultancy, it is headed by an industry professional with many years of diverse experience.

Realistic, pragmatic, factual advice is offered here.


February 2018

An Avdiev Update - The Wages Issue

Happy New Year, Happy Australia Day and thank you Mum and Dad for settling in Australia.

2018 has started with good news all round.

Australia follows the US economy which is enjoying strong growth, low unemployment and a continuing upward trend and sentiment despite the Wall Street wobbles.  The US Senate has just signed a bipartisan government funding deal ensuring stability for two years and giving the American President the opportunity to claim that he is draining the swamp - one tweet at a time.

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