Avdiev specialises in remuneration consulting services and human resources research for the property, investment, construction industries and all built environment related professions.

Avdiev Remuneration Report 2017 - 31st Edition - October Update

The Avdiev Property Industry Remuneration Report 2017 with 4 page October Update is now available. 

It is the product of a formal Australia wide survey of property, investment, development and construction employers and design and building consulting companies. 

This  four page update reports remuneration movements for the last six months and forecasts for the next salary reviews.  The Avdiev Remuneration Report, published in March 2017, is constantly updated to reflect changes in the market.

Other Avdiev Publications

ASX Non-Executive Directors' Fees Report © 2017

Just released!  ASX Non-Executive Directors' Fees Reports is a database of Board and Committee Fees for Top 300 and Property Industry Listed Companies with analyses and charting tools.

Women Business Leaders Database © 2016

Two searchable databases identifying women directors and senior executives in ASX Top 300 and ASX Property Companies.

About Avdiev

Avdiev provides remuneration benchmarking services to the property, investment and construction industry and built environment related professional consultants.  We cover 10 market sectors throughout Australia. 

The Avdiev Report is the result of a formal survey process among industry employers conducted bi-annually.

A long established and wholly owned boutique Australian management consultancy, it is headed by an industry professional with many years of diverse experience.

Realistic, pragmatic, factual advice is offered here.


December 2017

A Christmas Update

Where has the year gone?

Another eventful year is hurtling to a close. What will 2018 bring?

Is a nuclear war to the North one tweet or one tantrum away, or is it just posturing for the folks back home who are losing faith in their leader?

Will Brexit finally happen, has Isis really been defeated, will the never ending territorial and political conflict in the Middle East be resolved with a relocation of a US embassy? How many more lone wolf terrorist attacks are expected during the festive season? Can they be prevented?

Avdiev Consulting Services

  • The Avdiev Property Industry Remuneration Report ©2017
  • Avdiev ASX Non-Executive Directors' Fees Reports ©2017
  • Women Business Leaders Database ©2016
  • Remuneration Consulting
  • Benchmarking Reviews
  • Independent advisers to remuneration committees
  • Market Research
  • Career Counselling
  • Expert Witness Reports & Appearances
  • Other services tailored to client needs

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