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Avdiev History

Rita Avdiev is Managing Director and founder of the Avdiev Group, Consultants to the property industry with offices in Sydney and Melbourne and an Australia wide clientele.

Avdiev specialises in the property, investment, building and construction industries and all built environment related professions, offering services in remuneration consulting, market research, expert witness reports and appearances and general management consulting.

Avdiev has published the annual Avdiev Property Industry Remuneration Report © since 1987. It is now in its 29th Edition, with 350 positions in 12 industry market sectors.

Since its inception in 1981 the Avdiev Group has carried out a large number of varied consulting assignments including:

  • major study on Architects' practice for the RAIA
  • consultant selection for major corporate organisations
  • executive recruitment services for companies in all property market sectors
  • strategic planning and marketing advice for a built environment consulting firm undergoing generational change
  • market research into client attitudes and perceptions for a design company
  • a large number of remuneration reviews for companies in all market sectors of the property industry, including CEOs, large and small teams, all levels of staff, and family companies
  • due diligence reviews of staff resources for amalgamations, mergers and acquisitions and takeovers.

Rita Avdiev specialises in remuneration consulting and expert witness reports and appearances related to remuneration levels and conditions prevailing in the property, investment and construction industry in Australia, particularly NSW, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia. She acts in proceedings involving loss of income and other remuneration related matters in cases of remuneration disputes, personal injury, death and wrongful dismissal.

As head of the Avdiev Group, Rita Avdiev works as a confidential business adviser, helping Australian and international clients solve human resources, management and business problems. Her specialty is managing change. She is a regular columnist in the property media and a guest speaker at conferences and seminars.

With her wide range of professional interests, she often takes an independent and controversial stand on professional, business and industry issues. She is deeply concerned about the future of our society, its patterns of work, education, leisure and lifestyle.