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Remuneration Report

The Avdiev Property Industry Remuneration Report © is published annually in March, with a 4 page Update in October. It is the product of a formal Australia wide survey of property, investment, construction employers and built environment related consulting companies. It gives vital information on current remuneration levels and trends in ten property industry market sectors.  The Avdiev Report moves with the markets, responding to subscriber requests for new sectors and positions. 

The Avdiev Report with October Update is available for order now, click here for the price list.

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The findings in the Avdiev Report are essential information for employers and employees alike.

Property is a dynamic industry.  It grows, diversifies, changes, innovates and adapts to disruption.  This affects property remuneration and incentive policies as well as business practices and resourcing decisions. 2018 are good times in property and the time of the young property professional has come at last.  We report on changes in business conditions, remuneration policies and practices and employer initiatives as well as predictions for the next pay reviews every 6 months.

The Avdiev Property Industry Remuneration Report © 2018, the 32nd Edition has been extensively redesigned and updated and contains data for:

  • 10 property, investment and construction market sectors
  • 350 plus positions, tables in a new, expanded format with salary and incentives data sourced from over 120 employer companies and their divisions for over 20,000 incumbents plus nationally.
  • State break downs for New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.
  • Size break downs – small, medium and major companies based on annual revenue.
  • 50 new positions added by subscriber request.
  • All positions throughout the market sectors are continually reviewed.
  • Extensive commentary on business and remuneration issues, changes and intentions.

The sectors covered are as follows:

  • Property Investment, Funds and Trusts Management
  • Property Development
  • Retirement Living / Aged Care
  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Retail Management
  • The Board
  • Real Estate Agency / Property Advisory / Facilities Management / Property Economics
  • Design and Building Consultants - Architects/Designers, Specialist Consultants, Planners, Project Managers & Quantity Surveyors, Building Consultants
  • Building, Construction and Housing
  • Finance, Corporate &  IT

Contributors, who include the industry's key organisations, give information on-line by completing a questionnaire with details of remuneration levels for all their property related executives and staff. Click here to email our remuneration consultant and obtain a questionnaire.

Covering over 350 positions, the Report of over 400 pages gives reliable information on the total package and incentive component for each position on a national basis with company size and state breakdowns and comparisons for New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.  It is published every March with a 4 page update in October.

Published in an easy to read format and backed by expert commentary on market conditions, the Report reveals a number of significantly varying remuneration practices and levels between market sectors. A review of short and long term incentive practices is included. 

The Avdiev Property Industry Remuneration Report © is copyright.  All rights reserved.

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The Avdiev Report © 2017 is sold to new subscribers for $6,950.00 per copy and to regular contributors of remuneration data for $3,300.00.  All prices are inclusive of GST. Discounts apply for additional copies. New subscribers undertake to contribute remuneration information to the survey when the data collection process begins again.

The Avdiev Property Industry Remuneration Report © 2017 is available in soft copy (an excerpt of statistics in Excel table format) to subscribers of the hard copy report only. Click here for the details of the licence for the use of the Avdiev soft copy materials.

In view of the copyright provisions for the Avdiev Report, special prices apply to human resources, remuneration and recruitment consultants and individuals, law firms and researchers wishing to purchase the report. Please email info@avdiev.com.au

Please click here for a copy of the Avdiev Property Industry Remuneration Report © 2018 order form.

Remuneration tables for individual positions are also available for $695.00 each. Please click here for an Individual Position Order Form. Download it and email of fax it to us when you have completed it.

ASX NEDs' Reports

We have recently released the 2018 Avdiev Directors’ Fees Reports, providing market rates for non-executive chairs, deputy chairs and directors in S&P/ASX 300 and listed Property companies.

The Avdiev Non-Executive Directors’ Fees Reports provide the ability to compare your board’s non-executive directors' fees and workload to that of comparable boards with similar activities, size and workload. There are two reports:

1.       Avdiev ASX Top 300 Non-Executive Directors’ Fees Report

This Report gives the board fees and board committee fees for non-executive board members - chair, deputy chair and directors. Data is extracted from current annual reports of S&P/ASX-300 companies.

2.       Avdiev Property Directors’ Fees Report

This Report gives the board fees and board committee fees for non-executive board members - chair, deputy chair and directors. Data is extracted from current annual reports of ASX listed companies with the GICS Real Estate Industry Code. There is data for 65 companies.

The Reports provide:

  • A database of non-executive directors’ fees and meetings data
  • The ability to select comparative companies based on market capitalisation, annual revenue, net profit after tax, and industry group
  • A report generated providing analysis giving the 25th percentile, median, 75th percentile and average based on a selection of comparative boards
  • A chart giving a visualisation of the chair, deputy chair and directors board fee data.

Information included in both reports is  ASX Code, Industry Group, Home State, Market Capitalisation, Annual Revenue, Net Profit After Tax, board and committee fees, the number of board members, the number of non-executive directors on board committee and the number of board and committee meetings held. The reports are in Excel format.

Report 1:         The Avdiev Top 300 NEDs’ Fees Report © 2018  $2,090.00

Report 2:         The Avdiev Property & Construction NEDs’ Fees Report © 2018  $1,045.00

Report 1 + 2:   $2,860.00

All prices are inclusive of GST.  The order form is available, click here.

Women Business Leaders Databases

We have recently released two searchable databases identifying women directors and senior executives. They provide summary biographical information of women in Property or Top 300 companies which can be accessed from your desktop, laptop or smart phone. The bios are searchable by industry, functional background or keyword.


1.       Profiles of Senior Women in S&P/ASX Top 300 Companies - Contact to order

2.       Profiles of Senior Women in ASX Property Companies - Contact to order

Please click here for an order form or contact us if you would like to see an extract of the content.